Marini Calzature - Pret à Porter

“We are convinced that the pleasure of dressing a refined shoe lies mainly in the observation that it is the result of great craftsmanship unchanged for over a century, combined with the taste, the sense of proportion and the knowledge of leathers and different materials”

Marini Pret à Porter was born from the union of the centuries-old experience of our master craftsmen with Made in Italy.

Here we can find our most famous models together with others specially created, choose the best leathers, colors and other customizations.

The Marini Pret à Porter are entirely controlled by the hands of our craftsmen, following the centuries-old tradition of Ars Sutoria: 100 years of history today directly at your foot in a few simple steps.

Join the Marini Pret à Porter family

Classic Positano

€ 950,00

Positano Suede

€ 950,00

Positano Jeans

€ 750,00