Born of the Marini brand

Bespoke shoes Marini stilish brand is deeply rooted in the shoemaking abilities of Cav. Giuseppe Marini, who founded in 1899 his own school for shoemakers, and opened a boutique and a laboratory in the hearth of Rome, in Via Crispi 97.

The brand soon became highly desired by top-level international personalities, sovereigns, actors, politicians, businessmen. Luigi Einaudi, President of the Italian Republic, honored the Marini brand investing Giuseppe Marini as “Knight of Labor”.

When Giuseppe Marini passed away in 1966, he handed over the legacy to his two sons, Felice and Benedetto, and his young nephew Carlo, ready to follow the father’s lead after years of experience in the workshop.


La dolce vita romana - The '50s and '60s

The ‘50s and ‘60s represented for Marini a great historical period. Italy experienced an economic boom and La Dolce Vita inspired world famous stars that craved Roman handcrafted collectable pieces. In those years, Rome was the center of taste and style, and small artisan boutiques really started to take the first steps to becoming international fashion brands for the next decades to follow.

In this context, Marini sets sail on its own path while celebrating the Roman golden age with artisanal creations for the major star-studded characters of cinematic fame: Marcello Mastroianni, Anna Magnani, Gregory Peck, Sergio Leone and more.


Carlo Marini

The Master

In 1965, Carlo Marini joins father and uncle at Marini, starting to build his own personal panache with the family business. Carlo, 3th generation of the Marini family, reinforces the position of Marini Calzature as a defined high-end brand for made-to-measure devotees of Italian fashion.

Throughout the last 30 years, King Hassan II of Morocco, Queen Elizabeth of England, Gianni Agnelli, Sheikh Al Nahayan of UAE and Abdullah Al Thani, member of royal Qatar family, have purchased Marini shoes.


Tradition and Innovation

The fourth generation

For over 100 years, Marini Calzature remains loyal to its heritage and manufacturing techniques, faithfully tracing its true origins and traditions with every creation to this present day. Each piece is entirely hand-made, from the direct measurement of each collector’s foot until the finishing touches of the final product. Carlo Marini and his skillful team, still oversee and craft every detail in the 200 different steps necessary to create a bespoke pair of shoes proudly labeled by Marini Calzature”.